ACT for Yorkshire Ltd - Speech & Language Therapy for adults with neurological conditions

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd - Speech & Language Therapy for adults with neurological conditions

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd - Speech & Language Therapy for adults with neurological conditions

Speech & Language Therapy for adults with neurological conditions in Leeds & Yorkshire

Services Provided

Assessment and Therapy

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd. offer assessment and treatment for adults in Leeds and across Yorkshire with a range of communication, swallowing or voice difficulties. You may be self-funding or have cover for private Speech and Language Therapy under a private medical insurance policy.

Case management

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd. has considerable experience of working for case managers and solicitors. We can see your clients for Speech and Language Therapy in Leeds and across Yorkshire for assessment and/or ongoing treatment of the communication and swallowing problems that can follow head injuries. We work towards client-centred goals within the multi-disciplinary team; facilitating a return to work where possible. We cover the whole of the Yorkshire region and clients can be seen in a variety of settings.

Clinical Supervision

We offer specialist clinical supervision to Speech & Language Therapists working with adults. This is particularly appropriate for NQPs, those new to working with adults with neurological conditions or case supervisions for independent SLTs working alone. We can provide a range of clinical supervision models by telephone or via an internet platform such as Zoom. Please contact us to discuss your needs.


We deliver training packages to organisations such as hospitals, care homes, schools, businesses and charities. The three main types of training are detailed below. We can also tailor the content to meet your specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Supported conversation

This training is relevant for anyone living or working with someone with aphasia or dementia. Social isolation, withdrawal, depression, frustration, aggression and unmanageable behaviour are frequent consequences of a person's inability to express themselves, but these can be reduced through the use of 'supported conversation' strategies. Such strategies help carers and staff to understand more about communication difficulties and about how changing what they do can enable people with communication difficulties to make themselves understood.

Dysphagia awareness training

This package promotes safer management of swallowing difficulties and the prevention of complications arising from dysphagia. It is appropriate for anyone involved in feeding or supervising service users when they eat or drink. The training can equip staff to better understand the normal swallowing process, recognise signs of a swallowing problem and know how best to manage any difficulties; ensuring that people in your care are able to eat and drink as safely as possible. We help you understand when to refer a service user on for SLT assessment and how to access a service.

Voice care

This is beneficial for anyone whose voice is essential to their work. It is typically offered to schools, teacher training courses and businesses such as call centres. We offer a training package that helps you to keep your voice healthy, avoid problems such as voice loss, and know when to seek a medical opinion and voice therapy. Professional voice users who look after their voice are less likely to experience dysphonia, which often leads to periods of sick leave and loss of income.

Career and CPD Workshops

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd. offers training for newly-qualified Speech & Language Therapists and those looking for CPD opportunities. Sessions include case study presentations and workshops about the management of adults with a range of communication, and swallowing disorders. For example, 'The SLT management of people with Progressive Neurological conditions'; 'Treating Verb and Sentence Disorders in people with Aphasia'.

We offer workshops to schools, sixth form colleges and university applicants interested in Speech & Language Therapy as a career.

Dates for these workshops vary. Please contact us to register your interest.

Work for the NHS

ACT for Yorkshire Ltd. would be happy to help NHS Speech & Language Therapy services manage long waiting lists by seeing NHS clients on a privately funded basis. We both have an enhanced level of disclosure with the Disclosure Baring Service and our knowledge of local services and links with Consultants and NHS Speech & Language Therapy colleagues make ACT for Yorkshire Ltd. an alternative to locum agency contracts.